A week in Mykonos

I’m going to tell you one last time about Mykonos… Okay, well, one penultimate time, and then I promise not to get drunk again until next year.
Yes, no, because, of course, I’ve already decided to go back.

I came home inspired, in great shape, and full of wonderful memories in my head….

The landscapes

It’s quite surprising at first, these dry and razed landscapes that plunge into the blue sea. It is the kind of pure, almost severe beauty that we learn to love and which, once tamed, deeply rests the mind.

The people

Of course, there are the Greeks and their way of life. Very welcoming, cool, party-goers, sharing.

Then there are the hordes of tourists. It’s not as if I’ve discovered the island, eh – it’s a very mega tourist place where you can’t park and where you can hear all the languages spoken. But in Mykonos, I don’t mind.
It’s summer, it’s fun, it’s busy. It’s part of the atmosphere.

The style

And above all, since there is a real night culture in Mykonos, people take it very seriously. And in the evening, to get out, we get dressed, we take out the evening dresses and heels.

It’s a tradition that gets lost at a disconcerting pace, and it despairs me because I really like it, spending the day at the beach, going home to take a shower, getting sunny for the evening, finishing in the early morning.

In Mykonos, it still exists, and I love it.

The rhythm of life

When I was first told, “Meet me at the restaurant at 10:30!” I didn’t print it right. In New York, it’s not uncommon to meet for dinner at 7:00 a. m. and to be at the bottom of your bed at 10:30 a. m.

In Mykonos, you learn to take your time, and you get used to it very, very quickly. The shops are open until 3am. You can stay at the beach until 7am quiet (my favorite hours to go to the beach are between 5 and 7-8am for sunset). We arrive at the restaurant around 10am, we start dinner around midnight, we finish around 1:30am, 2am, and then we go dancing if we want.

Frankly, long days like this change life.

The party

You must have already heard about it, since every time I said I was going to Mykonos, people looked at me with a strange eye, but this is really the island of celebration.

We meet hordes of kids risking their lives on scooters to go to clubs, and depending on the kind of beach we choose, we can find ourselves in a kind of rave party with girls in bathing suits and guys with big cigars. Not really my thing, huh. But the good news is that it’s easy to avoid. There are also very, very quiet beaches.

And the other good news is that the spirit of the party is a little contagious. We dance in restaurants, in bars, the music is good, people want to have fun, to share, an aperitif runs fast in the evening.

I almost even went to see Bob Sinclar mixer one night. Oh, I also almost went to see Julio Iglesias live on a beach another night. Okay, I said almost.

The food

I don’t think there’s any need to draw a picture, everyone knows that – we eat wonderfully well in Greece and it’s very healthy, very fresh, very simple.

Very relaxing in fact, like the landscapes.

Between that and my daily swims, I came home completely energized. And thinner too.

The sky

Not a day of bad weather and it seems it’s like that all the time. It’s that the wind blows quite regularly. At first, it feels a little weird, then you get used to it. It is aerated when it is too hot and it does not leave the clouds too much time to linger.

So it gives a little bit of a weather like that.

The sea

Not a jellyfish and for a depressed Corsican who couldn’t swim in Ajaccio the week before, I can tell you that it changes everything. The sea is flat like a swimming pool as I like it (if you like surfing, go on your way) and we can have real long swims with fins and snorkels. Sublime, cool, relaxing, happiness to live.

The houses

If you know me a little, you know that the white houses of Mykonos, painted white indoors outside and very simply furnished are a little bit my ideal decoration. Tomorrow I will post you pictures of the hotel where I stayed and it will give you an idea of the style I want to give to my next house. Complete and total inspiration.

The islands

I haven’t been around the islands but of course many of those looking for a quiet holiday choose an island other than Mykonos. I only visited Delos, a mythical island where we will visit the ruins. We went there in a small boat of a sublime fisherman and after visiting the ruins, we bathed in the transparent waters.

Now I want to visit all the islands one by one, of course.

That’s it for my vacation!!!!! And where did you go?